First Day and No Class

When I was undergrad I always tried to get my schedule to work out so that I would only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I remember why I loved it. Today is the first day of the new semester and I get to stay in my pajamas at home. I don’t have class until tomorrow, so I am taking advantage of my last day of vacation by walking the dogs, running, reading, writing, and basically sitting around.

This semester is even better because I only have one actual classroom class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 330-445. The rest of my classes are independent studies or just sitting in on other classes. The bulk of my work this semester is in the form of studying for comps. I need to have my book list finished as soon as possible so I can spend the rest of the semester and the summer studying.

And, I am spending the day today waiting. Tomorrow I am going to see one of my best friends from seminary. He has lived in Texas since we graduated, pastoring a Church of God. I am pretty excited about seeing him because we were such good friends and I have missed him more than I thought I had.

The last time I saw Feirtag was at graduation and then it was all awkward and we just wanted to get the hell out of there. I won’t ever forget how we helped each other through so much during those three years. He wasn’t the only one. But if I had to pick three people who helped me the most during those times he would be one of the three.

You know how sometimes you see someone every day and you take them for granted. Then when you don’t see them, you really don’t miss them because you took them for granted. This is how I feel about most of my friends from seminary. It is not how I feel about the actual experience of seminary. For the most part, that experience was strange, alienating, and spiritually trying. But I think if I called any one of them up today, we could take up like old times.

I guess I will see tomorrow. Today I will wait.

On another note, yesterday’s sermon was good. I mean really good. I told Bec on the way home that I could stand to trade Sundays—Matt then David—which is a huge compliment to both men.

I think I am a pretty hard parishioner to please when it comes to the sermon. I don’t deal well with gimmicky three point sermons, and I don’t want to be entertained. I want to hear the word, and to hear it wrestled with and rolled around until its meaning is fully extracted.

Preachers get extra points if they include a point that I hadn’t already considered when I read the text. Not that I think I am so smart, but if I thought of every point made in the sermon in the five minutes I had before church to consider the text, then someone (read this to be the preacher) is getting paid for doing what I could do in five minutes.

Yes, I am a little hard on ministers. After all, they are the voice of the Church and that voice should be new every morning like God’s compassion. The voice of the Church shouldn’t bring the same stale message—the voice should cry out in the wilderness bringing a new revolutionary message. As Matt said, it is then our job to go out and meet the revolution and to be transformed by its mystery and grace.

On yet another note, last Sunday Dave spoke about our goal for our church for the year: peace and grace. I think those two words are worthy of body art. Our entire mission as Christians should always be peace and grace, should it not?

This is for you David:canada_flag_peace_symbol_l

3 responses to “First Day and No Class

  1. our entire mission as humans should be peace and grace, I think …

    we have you on our calendar for this coming weekend – what are we doing?

    I will find any helpful comp stuff I have this weekend (and then I will give it to you so that it is even more helpful)

  2. like i need to tell u

    I will refrain from saying what I was going to say to this. In case you want to know, I was going to say:

    “Peace? Grace? WTF? R we frickin’ Vulcans (rational, peaceful, patient, etc.)? NOT! Humans are predetermined by 1000s of years of evolution to be hostile, vulgar, animalistic, and generally selfish. It is the way we survive. There is no grace; there is no peace. We’d never surviced millenia had we been all lovey dovey. Sure. Great ideas, but not at all, in the least, possible. Well, maybe on a personal level they are, but for all of humanity? If Star Trek has taught us anything, it’s that man will be man regardless of when, where, or what kind of person she is.”

    But I won’t say that.

  3. Wasn’t it so nice to be at home on Monday? I did the same as you in respect to working out and running errands, but it’s really hard to sit around with a 1 year old. 🙂

    Wish I could have talked to you after Rai’s class today, but I had a 4:45 meeting with Dr. Hartman. I think Rai’s class is going to be alight, minus my current stress of having to find childcare on some of those Tues/Thurs mornings. My normal babysitters can’t help me during the 9:30-10:45 because they are in class too, and she can’t go to her daycare during those hours either. Yuck. Know of any good babysitters in Muncie? Seriously, I’m not sure what I am going to do, although things always have a funny way of working out in the end.

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