So I Changed My Mind

I am no longer going to clog this blog (I made a rhyme) with my school stuff. I made another blog to record my research thoughts. You can access it here. I wanted to keep this, as my other blog indicates, as a haven for my whimsical fantasies: really just a place to keep my life thoughts in order.

I got observed teaching today and it went really well. The professor who observed me said that there was very little she would have differently, I have good chalkboard writing, and an excellent speaking voice, which I know how to use. It was nice to hear some positive feedback, because I have doubted myself quite a bit throughout the semester in my teaching class. It was pretty funny, though, because I went to her house yesterday for a baby shower and she mentioned that her favorite color was purple (it was one of her wedding colors). On my way out of her house, she said: I’ll see you tomorrow and remember, I grade on costuming. Today I wore my purple LL Bean sweater and my purple trousers. She mentioned that I had on her favorite color. I know, I said, you told me costuming counts! Not to mention that my favorite color is purple as well.

It was a good day, and if Jim and I make until Friday for our presentation with no major meltdowns, it will be a good week. I just feel like this project is consuming me. Every time I turn around there is more to read, write, or contemplate. The survey that we sent out to the Spectrum members has proven to be an excellent tool, and surprisingly, we have received quite a few of those back. More than I expected. I am looking forward to going to the meeting on Thursday, and explaining our project to the students and letting them ask questions and talk freely to us about their experiences at BSU. So far, most of the students think BSU is pretty gay-friendly, which is shocking and good all at once.

Well, since it is 11:46 and I have to get up early to work on queer things, I should go to bed. Or at least pretend, and go watch TV.

And, yeah, we had to smell and inspect melted candy bars in diapers to see who could identify teh most of them. Fun baby shower games: the winner received, you guessed it, the same fifteen candy bars that were melted in the diapers. Ick.

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