Races 2012

January 28:
1st Annual Planet Adventure Winter Quarter/Half/Full Trail Marathon
Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis (6.55 miles)
Time: 1:57.49.8

February 25:
Franciscan Polar Bear
Indianapolis, IN (5 miles)
I was sick, so I didn’t run.

March 10:
DINO Trail Run
Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, IN (5K)
I took a 3-mile walk with my family instead.

April 7:
DINO Trail Run
Mounds State Park in Anderson, IN (5K)
Time: 00:42.43.0

May 26:
Planet Adventure PASS Open Water Swim Race
Morse Park and Beach in Noblesville, IN (2K)
Time: 00:45.12.5

July 21:
Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon
Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis, IN (500Yards, 10Miles, 3Miles)
Time: 1:42.43

October 13:
Red Gold Run to Crush Hunger
Elwood, IN (5K)
Time: 0:35.17

November 3:
Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

November 4: (possibly)
Run the Mounds
Anderson, IN (5 miles)
Time: 1:05.25

December 16: (possibly)
Adrenaline Sports Management Santa Hustle
Along White River in Indianapolis, IN (13.1miles)